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Military Dog Tags

Product Information:
  • Material: Bronze
  • Plating: Nickle Plating
  • Logo: Embossed
  • Size: Around 50 x 30mm.
  • Attachment: 2.4mm thick x 30” long ball chains

We, Dong Hong, have been producing metal products for more than 35 years. We always provide the customer with competitive price and satisfied quality. Welcome to contact us for quotations of your custom designs!

Military dog tags
Dog tags

Dong Hong Medal is one of the biggest metal crafts manufacturers located in china mainland since 1984, specialized in manufacturing custom-made military dog tags  

Military Dog tags are worn by military personnel as identification tags and the reason we call it dog tag is that the resemblance with the actual dog tags. Dog tags are primarily used to identify the dead and wounded soldiers and it also provides the basic information such as name, blood type and history of inoculations as well as the religious preference.  After some time development, the dog tags would be presented in a much colorful way. The logo could be not limited to the information above, but also could be the logo of some specific military activities/events, specific department, specific person or specific slogan etc. What’s more, they are not only used in the army anymore. A person doesn’t have to be a soldier of war to wear dog tags. Dog tags can be worn for fashionable and stylish reason. These dog tags are imprinted with different designs and colors to be chosen from to your liking. The dog tags here might not carry your blood type information but they say a lot about your sense of style. The majority of our dog tags are military themed and contain military colors and/or military emblems.

Except the military use, there are still other usages, please refer to below.

How can the tags be used?

For Official Military Use 
Key chains 
Identifying Products 
Pets - Dogs, Cats and others 
Luggage and Backpacks 
What does a dog tag set consist of? 

The dog tag set consist of 6 items. 2 indent stamped notched stainless steel tags, 1 stainless steel 24" chain, 1 stainless steel duplicate 4" chain and 2 black dog tag silencers. This dog tag set is the norm but dog tags, chains and dog tag silencers can be found in a variety of colors for personalization. 

Can I get a dog tag imprinted even if I didn't serve in the US Military? 

Yes, you can get a dog tag imprinted even if you aren't or haven't served in any branch of the US Military. Imprinted dog tags are a common novelty good and fashion accessory widely worn around the world. 

For all dog tag styles, including color printed dog tags, engraved dog tags, embossed logo dog tags, photo etched dog tags, offset printed dog tags, and more, visit our LogoTags division.

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