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Marine Dog Tags

This marine dog tag is made of two pieces. The bottom piece is a blank plate made by stamped bronze without coloring, with highly polished and with common shinny nickel plated. The top piece is a very vivid 3D emblem made of stamped bronze without coloring as well. But as it is in form or 3D with many small details, to enhance the 3D effect, we added a layer of black lacquer on the surface of the shinny nickel plating. On the bottom piece, we can see there is a sentence “MY SISTER IS A MARINE” laser engraved specially. Actually, you can choose whatever content you want to  add to be laser engraved on each unique army dog tag, like the wearer’s name, soldier number, army’s number etc.. Sometimes, you can add a commemorative sentence on it as well, just like this reference sample.
Product Information:
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Plating: Nickle Plating
  • Logo: 3D
  • Size: Around 50 x 29mm.
  • Attachment: 2.4mm thick x 30” long ball chains.

We, Dong Hong, have been producing metal products for more than 35 years. We always provide the customer with competitive price and satisfied quality. Welcome to contact us for quotations of your custom designs!
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