Imitation Hard Enamel Pins
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Imitation Hard Enamel Pins

Imitation hard enamel pins have been around for over two decades and are also known as soft cloisonné pins, epola badges or semi-cloisonné badges. The synthetic pigment gives the gorgeous appearance that similar to cloisonné hard enamel lapel pins.  It brought a revolution in the lapel pin history and has been widely welcome because of its similarity to hard enamel material, lustrous color effect, lower cost, faster delivery time and a wider variety of color choices.
From the appearance, the imitation hard enamel pins have been very close to the hard enamel badge since both of them are using the metal as the base and with the flat color filled with the raised metal border. Without the specific training, it's hard for you to tell the relative difference between these two. 

Here we would like to share with you the ways to distinguish the hard enamel badges and imitation hard enamel badges. In recent years, many factories have abandoned the hard enamel coloring method and use the imitation hard enamel coloring method instead. Firstly, this behavior definitely cheat customers. Secondly, they started vicious competition within the industry and hurt the factory like us, who produce the real hard enamel. Because the price of imitation hard enamel is cheaper than real hard enamel .

Donghong Craft is professional maker of pins and badges with 35 years experience. Welcome to contact us for more information or get quotation for your custom enamel pin badges! High quality, competitive price and small MOQ!
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