Replicate The Serbian Signal Brigade Medal For Collection
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Replicate The Serbian Signal Brigade Medal For Collection

The Serbian Signal Brigade (Serbian: Бригада везе, Brigada veze) is a main unit of Serbian Armed Forces responsible for the military communications (signals). It is under direct command of General Staff. The brigade was formed on October 30, 2006, with command in Belgrade from the former 389th Signal Brigade and 235th Stationary Signal Unit.The main task of the Brigade is establishing and maintaining the stationary signal systems on the whole territory of Serbia.

It provides joint command over the signalling system of Serbia. Subordinate units of the Serbian Signal Brigade are based in garrisons and detached establishments all over Serbia.

Specifications of The Serbian Signal Brigade Medal

  • Material : Copper

  • Color : Soft Enamel

  • Plating : Antique Silver Plating

  • Logo : Embossed & Debossed

  • Attachment : Short Ribbon Drape

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