Dog pin
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Dog pin

Show your awareness and love for animals. Humane services, veterinary facilities and animal care stores are great places to distribute and wear a pin. 
Everyone has a favorite animal. Maybe you admire the speed of a cheetah, the grace of a tiger, or the sheer size of an elephant. Or, maybe your favorite animal is your beloved family pet. Whatever your favorite is, we can help to design and create it to be your lovely animal pins. 
Our custom design capability of Animal lapel pins are able please animal lovers of all stripes! Using detailed stamps or die casting, intricate enamels, and bright colors, we faithfully recreate many of the more popular species. Have you always thought dog is the most honest pets? Try our dog pin. Or do you love the beauty of a butterfly? Check out our Butterfly Pin. Whether your favorite animal runs, swims, flies, or crawls, we can produce for you specially.
Our animal pins make perfect gifts for animal lovers or for professionals in the animal world. Give a friend their favorite animal pin for their birthday, or give employees of an aquarium, zoo, or veterinary practice a pin as a reward for excellent performance. We have existed mould for the dog and butterfly design, so they can be shipped quickly for last-minute gift needs. Also, as we emphasized, we mainly do custom designs, a reference picture with your preferred size would be enough for us to help to turn them into a unique pin for you. 
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