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What Materials are Available for the Badge Customization?

There are many different kinds of materials for the custom-made badges. The different materials have different insignia. And the price is different. So what materials that we can use to popularize the badge?

1. The red bronze, the red bronze is pure copper, or red copper, it is pure copper,  and it is famous of its color is purple. The red copper is the preferred material for military and enamel materials.

2. The bronze is the earliest alloy in the history of metal metallurgy. It is good in casting, wear-resisting and stable in chemical properties. The bronze is suitable for quality products.

3. The iron is one of our most common materials. It has a characteristic of good hardness and relatively cheap price. So the metal insignia made from iron is much cheaper, so iron is low in price and low in product.

4. Aluminium is a kind of silver-white light metal with malleability. The products are often made into rods, flaps, foil, powder, ribbon and filaments. The aluminum feels thin and light, so it is suitable for bite and printing.

5. The stainless steel metal badge is mainly characterized by anti-corrosive and high cost performance. And its surface printing color is rich, and the adornment effect is outstanding, it is a good choice to make badge. The stainless iron has a lot in common with stainless steel, but the amount of steel and corrosion resistance and gloss are not as good, but cost savings. So it has been widely used. The stainless iron and stainless steel materials are suitable for thin, bite-size and printing products.

6. The zinc alloy is the best material for die-casting metal insignia. Its casting properties are good, it can be cast in the shape of complex, and thin wall of rice, and the casting surface is smooth, and the price is lower than the copper, also the product has a solid three-dimensional effect.

7. The lead tin alloy, refers to lead or tin base bearing alloys. The alloy is referred to as Babs alloy. It can be used to produce all kinds of fine alloy ornaments, alloy crafts, the lead tin alloy is suitable for products of irregular shape. The above seven kinds of insignia are also designed to be the main seven materials of DongHong handicraft. And what I want to remind you here is that the iron material, which has a disadvantage if it's a shipping thing, is easy to rust, So we do not recommend that foreign customers choose iron to do the badge.

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