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In recent years, the environmental protection has become the focus of people's livelihood. The central environmental protection supervision is an important measure to strengthen the construction of ecological civilization, and it is also an important institutional arrangement. In 2017, we will complete all provinces of environmental supervision and inspection: from April, we will supervise 15 provinces, including Hunan, Anhui, Xinjiang, Tibet, Guizhou, Sichuan, Shanxi, Shandong, Tianjin, Hainan, Liaoning, Jilin, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Fujian provinces. The inspector includes the following contents. If the factory has one of the following issues, it will face fines, shutdown, rectification and appointment.

1. The production accessories are also equipped with the auxiliary materials of powder and relevant coal-fired boilers to be sealed;
2. Products with noise and strong smelling should be rectified;
3. There is no business license, unregulated manufacturers need to reorganize;
4. Incidentally check fire safety hazards exist;
5. Passing checks on inferior and counterfeit imitation cards;
6. Discharge of waste water;
7. To discharge the smell of paint and other pungent gases;
8. Low frequency noise or excessive noise;
9. The dust pollution;
10. No public eia;
11. No environmental approval procedures;
12. There are safety hidden dangers in the electric units;
13. Illegal construction;
14. Secretly set up the drain;
15. The cinder is scattered everywhere;
16. Problems in the landfill of paper slag;
17. No waste water recovery system;
18. No water intake permit;
19. No lighting operation;
20. Reservoirs with no seepage prevention measures store other wastes;
21. Poor pollution control facilities;
22. The concentration of smoke emission exceeds standard;
23. The waste in the factory has not been disposed of in time;
24. Failing to apply for environmental impact assessment documents;
25. The pollution control facilities shall not be accepted by the environmental protection department;
26. Discharge permit expired;
27. Illegal production;
28. Excessive COD in filter tank;
29. No pollution permit.

Many factories in Zhejiang province have shut down because of the government's investigation and the factory itself cannot meet the requirements. Although the price in Zhejiang is cheap, but the delivery time and quality is not guaranteed. But we have our own plating factory in Donghong factory, and all the indicators of the factory meet the government's requirements. We have our own mature sewage treatment system, and we have been awarded the green environmental protection enterprise by the government. We do not need to check the government's inspection or not, and we will start production normally throughout the year. Choose Donghong, choose to rest assured! Welcome to telephone contact, and open your private customized services such as metal crafts, metal badges, key ring, medals, coin and so on.

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