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  • Notice on Protection of Electroplated Sand Series with Electrophoresis The products of the electroplating sanding series have always been easy to change color and attract customers' complaints. In order to solve the problem of color change, now the Donghong handicraft fa...
  • The Practice of Embroidery There are various ways of handling embroidery. Next, we will give a summary and share some of the most common approaches with you.1. The package edge: this is the most conventional way of dealing with...
  • What should be Noticed When Assembling Leather and Metal Badge Products? In the leather products we provide, leather + metal key rings and leather metal badge sleeves are popular. Because whether it is metal or leather part, we must be strict and keep improving in the proc...
  • Will the Color of the Metal Badge Fade? The metal badge plating (except copper and silver) is not easy to fade unless the electroplating layer falls off. But after all, the plating color is only a thin layer attached to the metal surface, s...
  • How to Maintain the Police Badge? The occupation of the police has always been the image of safeguarding the safety of people's life and property in our hearts. The image of the solemn has always been in our hearts. Today, the manufac...
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Military Merchandize and Awards

  • Military Badge & Police BadgeMilitary Badge & Police BadgeMay 3, 2017Badge is a display indicating a special accomplishment, or as a symbol of authority. Military badges and police badges are awards authorized by the army and police department that signify rating, qual...view
  • Military MedalMilitary MedalApril 7, 2017A military medal is a distinctively designed award given as a mark of honor for military heroism, meritorious or outstanding service or achievement. The United States Government does not consider all ...view
  • Military Belt BuckleMilitary Belt BuckleApril 6, 2017Military belt buckle, also called army belt buckle, is a part of the military uniform that should be worn at all times by the military related person and the design of the military belt buckle depends...view
  • Military ButtonMilitary ButtonApril 7, 2017Donghong, as a professional military buttons manufacturer, is able to make the custom buttons based on designs provided. We have been supplying buttons for military uniforms and general garments for m...view
  • Military CoinMilitary CoinApril 7, 2017Military keychains or keyrings are widely used for Navy, Army, Air force, Marines, Masonic, fire department, USMC and USCG service. Personalized keychains can be made by various materials, such as bro...view
  • Award RibbonAward RibbonMay 3, 2017Service ribbons, or named as ribbon bars are small ribbons mounted on small metal bars equipped with attaching devices, like safety pin, brooch, spur and military clutch etc.. They are generally issue...view
  • Award PlaqueAward PlaqueMay 3, 2017Custom engraved award plaques at Dong Hong Medal. An award is something given to a person, a group of people, or an organization to recognize their excellence in a certain field, a certification of ex...view
  • Military Dog TagMilitary Dog TagMay 3, 2017Military Dog tags are worn by military personnel as identification tags and the reason we call it dog tag is that the resemblance with the actual dog tags. Dog tags are primarily used to identify the ...view
  • Military PatchMilitary PatchMay 3, 2017Military patches include military embroidery patches and military woven patches and the military PVC patches. The embroidery patches and woven patches are widely used to attach on military uniforms. W...view
  • Military WalletMilitary WalletMay 3, 2017As our main production line are the military related items as military badge, military coin, military medal, military button, military belt buckle, military ribbon etc., to satisfy our client’s requi...view
Donghong is a leading manufacturer and exporter for custom design military merchandize and awards for more than 30 years. The military merchandize and awards that Donghong mainly offers including the military badges, military challenge coins, military medals, military buttons, military belt buckles, award ribbons, award plaques, military patch, military wallets, military dog tags and more! 

To keep the comprehensive competition in the industry, we've been expanding and enhancing the ability of technology all the way. From artificial engraving, ordinary stamping to CNC digital engraving and CNC wire cutting, from individually hand coloring to operating it by machine instead, from the ordinary promotional badge market to win the trust from the national armed forces, government agencies, police departments of many countries etc., all of these details are the witness of our accumulated efforts.

Nowadays, we are the stable and countable supplier for all kinds of military badges and awards, especially the military awards like medals and ribbons for the clients from different countries.

With the successful  cooperation with armies of different countries and our more than 30 years' reputation, we, Donghong, would be definitely your No. 1 choice for your military merchandize and awards project.