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Military Button

Military buttons also called army buttons, can be made of brass or iron by die stamping or the zinc alloy by die casting. The military metal buttons are usually assembled by 2 or 3pcs with the hollow inside, zinc alloy buttons are made of integral and solid as one piece. The backside of the army buttons can be arranged with the jump ring, metal eyelet, spur nails with butterfly clutch, screw, and nuts etc., just dependent on the usage and the clients’ requirement.

Donghong, as a professional military buttons manufacturer, is able to make the custom buttons based on designs provided. We have been supplying buttons for military uniforms and general garments for more than 33 years. Our military buttons minimum order quantity is 1000pcs. Military button for sale can be various of plating color, such as antique plating buttons, shiny plating buttons, satin plating buttons, gold plating buttons, silver plating buttons and so on, but the real military buttons would generally choose gold, nickel or chrome.

To be the best military button manufacturer, all of our military buttons are eco-friendly, it can comply for RoHS/CPSIA/REACH standard, and we can provide raw material SGS report for reference. Also, just inform us your special requirement in advance, we can cooperate accordingly and offer relative certificate or report together.