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Military Belt Buckle

  • Embossed Military Belt BuckleEmbossed Military Belt BuckleMay 18, 2017For the military belt buckle, the client would seldom require the logo to be presented by printing since the printed logo won’t have the embossed or debossed effect and feeling, and also very easy to...view
  • High-Quality Soft Enamel Police Belt BuckleHigh-Quality Soft Enamel Police Belt BuckleMay 18, 2017The high quality police belt buckle is the belt buckles with the police department logo and awarded to the relative public officers. The logo could be presented in different process like coloring with...view
  • Shiny Nickel Plated USN Belt BuckleShiny Nickel Plated USN Belt BuckleMay 18, 2017Shiny nickel plated USN belt buckle is one of the typical sample of the military belt buckle. It’s made of two pieces but requires them to be assembled and matched perfectly. This is not easy to cont...view
  • Stamped Bronze Soft Enamel Belt Buckle With Gold PlatedStamped Bronze Soft Enamel Belt Buckle With Gold PlatedMay 18, 2017Custom design belt buckle is one the products which could convey our production skills completely because the general size of the belt buckles would be a kind of big, for the big items, it would expos...view
  • Customized 3D Logo Metal Belt BuckleCustomized 3D Logo Metal Belt BuckleApril 6, 2017Customized 3D logo metal belt buckle is normally wearing on the uniforms of soldiers, also be widely used in fashion garment. As a customized belt buckle manufacturer, we can offer the best quality 3D...view
  • Bronze Military Box-frame Belt Buckle With 3D LogoBronze Military Box-frame Belt Buckle With 3D LogoSeptember 13, 2017Box-frame belt buckle is one style of the military friction buckles. The box-frame buckle consists of three parts (front, back and post). An adjustable captive post sits perpendicular to the belt to p...view
Military belt buckle, also called army belt buckle, is a part of the military uniform that should be worn at all times by the military related person and the design of the military belt buckle depends on the branch in which a person is enlisted. It can be made of brass by die stamping or the zinc alloy by die casting. It generally has the specific style but could be customized with the unique logo as well. We have some open design for your selection but your custom design would be also warmly welcome.

Besides wearing the military belt buckle as a part of the uniform, people also wear it as a fashion accessory. We have different production lines to satisfy the client with different requirement.

Donghong craft, as a professional military belt buckle manufacturer, is able to make the custom belt buckle based on designs provided. We have been supplying metal belt buckle for military uniforms and general garments for more than 33 years already. Our military belt buckles minimum order quantity is 300pcs. Smaller QTY would be fine but bigger QTY would win better price. Military belt buckle for sale can be with various of plating color, such as antique plating military belt buckle, shiny plating belt buckle, satin plating army belt buckle, gold plating military belt buckle, silver plating belt buckle and so on.

To be the best military belt buckle manufacturer, all of our military belt buckles are eco-friendly, it can comply for RoHS/CPSIA/REACH standard, and we can provide raw material SGS report for reference.