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  • Customized Logo Glued On Standard Bookmark FittingsCustomized Logo Glued On Standard Bookmark FittingsMay 4, 2017Customized standard bookmark is the bookmark with the standard fittings but with the custom logo decorated. It's the most colorful way to present your logo as you can OEM its material, its color, its ...view
  • Photo Etched BookmarkPhoto Etched BookmarkMay 4, 2017Photo etched bookmark would generally use the material of bronze, stainless iron or stainless steel. Since the logo and the bookmark clip are etched out by acid liquid but not mould, the thickness of ...view
  • Printed Elastic Steel BookmarkPrinted Elastic Steel BookmarkMay 4, 2017Printed elastic steel bookmark is very popular in the market because of its cheap cost. It has been widely used as promotional or advertising give-away, corporate gifts or souvenir items. For the clip...view
A bookmark is a thin marker, commonly made of paper, leather, fabric or metal, used to keep the reader’s place in a book and to enable the reader to return to easily. Here we’d like to mainly introduce the metal bookmark for you.

Dong Hong could offer the different style metal bookmarks as photo-etched out bronze or stainless iron bookmark, customized logo glued on standard bookmark fittings, printed elastic steel bookmark etc. These bookmakers could be customized with different material, different logo process, different plating color, different mark style etc.

Specialty & Specifications of each style metal bookmark
Photo-etched bookmark - Texts and logo could be etched half or etched through (hollowed) which the other production process can’t meet. This kind of bookmark is more like a metal art.
Material could be bronze or stainless iron, general thickness would be 0.3~0.5mm
The logo could be color filled with soft enamel or extra printed.
Various plating would be available like gold, nickel, copper, silver, antique series or satin series etc.

Customized logo glued on the standard bookmark fittings – Most colorful way to present your customized metal bookmark. You can define your logo by the different process. Also, we have several standard fitting for selection which could help to save some mould charge.
Material for the fitting part would be generally bronze to make sure it’s elasticity. Material for the logo part would be a variety selection as bronze, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, zinc alloy, pewter etc.
Thickness would be various based on different logo and size. Generally, it would be around 1.2-1.5mm.
Logo process would be much colorful as well, like hard enamel, imitation hard enamel, soft enamel, without coloring, with laser engraving, with extra printing etc.

Printed elastic steel bookmark - Some existed shape and mould of bookmark part available which you could choose to add your logo printed directly - the Most economic way for the bookmark with specific MOQ as 2000pcs.
The material would be elastic steel only, the general thickness would be 0.2~0.4mm.
The logo would be silkscreen printed or offset printed.
No plating required.

Our metal bookmark, like most of our other items, has no strict MOQ except the printed elastic steel bookmark version. So, in cooperating with us to customize your own bookmark, you would have no pressure to worries on the QTY. We can understand some project would be with small QTY, but some would be in big need. We would like to focus on the long-term cooperation but not just one single case. Every of your project would be highly appreciated and well taken by our sales Rep. and production line. Please send your inquiries with size, quantity, and photos of your Bookmarks, Dong Hong will immediately quote you a relative unit price, mould charge and estimated delivery time as well as suggest you the most suitable material for your bookmark. If there are any difficulties to complete your designs exactly, Dong Hong would recommend you other options instead for your bookmarks accordingly.