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Embossed PVC Item

The Embossed PVC Item new and popular production process besides the metal, soft PVC, and embroidery or woven process to many of our clients. The effect could be made to be very similar to metal with plating effect, but with much lower price than metal version. The logo could be also embossed as 2D or 3D. They most important thing is that it’s much cheaper than metal and also safer than the metal when assembled with uniforms.

We mainly offer the embossed PVC items like the embossed PVC patch, embossed PVC epaulet, embossed PVC keychain etc., mainly referring to the uniform accessories or some package labels, especially beloved by the military and government organizations. We offer millions of pieces of the PVC sealed patch or epaulet to our military client’s every year. So the quality would be no need to be worried.

Specifications of the embossed PVC sealed items
1. Logos can be made of hard PVC/ TPU or soft PVC & silicone
2. Anti-oxidation; anti-corrosive and no scratches
3. Metal colors like gold order silver can be imitated as closely as possible.
4. Small quantity request for MOQ 500pcs
5. Logo can be 2D or 3D logo.
6. Custom designs are warmly welcome.

With warehouse both in Dong Guan & Hong Kong enables a faster and easier delivery with every possible means, such as by air, by sea or couriers both from China mainland or Hong Kong.

Reasonable price, high quality, fast turn-around with no rush order fee, speedy delivery to worldwide by FedEx/UPS/DHL. Act efficiently within 8 working hours. As the best promotional item factory, we work all the best for your needs. If you would like advice or a quotation for custom epaulet, please feel free to drop us an email!

Email: Tel: +86-769 22900190