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Suspend Delivery Notice for Middle East and Islamic State Holidays

During the period of August 30, 2017 to September 6, 2017, the Middle East and the Islamic State will celebrate one of the most important public holidays of the year:Eid Al-Adha. Customs clearance and delivery services will be suspended during the holidays. The customs clearance and delivery time of orders to southeast Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, etc.), Middle East, South Africa and other countries will be affected by different degrees of delay.

According to ARAMEX request, collecting service in Saudi Arabian country would be suspended for the period from August 28 to September 3. While other channels are not affected.Please kindly notice.

For this kind of important festival, Donghong will always remind our customers in advance, and to pay special attention to the time of booking and delivery. Besides, for this kind of important festival, Donghong will also receive customers' inquiry and orders of memorial products such as badges, key ring, fabric wristband and so on. We will cooperate with the theme to design and customize for customers.

Welcome customers to call and consult for customization. We will not only help you solve design problems, production problems, quality problems, but also ensure your delivery time and efficiency, and help you prevent all possible problems.

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