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Military Medal

The medallion of honor is the highest military decoration that may be awarded by the government. It is conferred to the people who distinguish themselves through conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty.

Military medals or medallion is wildly used for Navy, Army, Air force, Marines etc.

Military medal is mainly made of bronze or copper because the good quality and heavy feeling of the bronze or copper would match the good characteristic of the honored people better. But the military metal medals also could be made of pewter, or zinc alloy since they both are excellent material for designing 3D items that are cubic shaped or miniature-sized or with empty space within.

Donghong is skilled in producing custom metal medals in 2D or 3D cubic according to your design. With the rich the experience in actual production as well as the well-trained sale Rep., we can give a most suitable suggestion for your OEM medal and medallions so that you can get the most accurate medals you want with the most economic and reasonable cost.

Ribbon bars are ribbons mounted on small metal bars equipped with attaching devices, and are generally issued for wear in place of Military medal. Donghong also provide various ribbons or ribbon bars of Army medallion for your choosing.

As a professional keychain manufacturer and supplier with 33 years experience, Donghong provides variety of high quality customized Military medal for customers' options. 7 sales office, 2 logistic centers, 2 manufacturing bases in area of 60000 ㎡, this is how we keep superior quality, punctual delivery date and competitive offers for global valued customers. With our rich experience in the industry of military medallion, you’ll find things would turn to be much easier for your Military medal business.