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Imitation Hard Enamel Tie Bar For USA National Security Agency

In the United States, a tie clip is one of the few items of jewelry allowed to be worn by servicemen and women. The tie clip in this picture is just the one for the USA national security agency. It used the brightest color, imitation hard enamel for decoration as well as high polished shiny gold plating. You’ll see the whole item looks gorgeous. What’s more, the tie bar can be made as one set of cloth accessory, together with cufflinks, lapel pin, and money clips. All of them could share the same crest logo. Send us your logo for your unique and full set cloth accessories.

As an OEM manufacturer of the tie clips, we can satisfy you the different tie clips from below aspects.

The logo presentation of the tie bar
The logo could be produced in different size according to your requirement. Also, you can choose the logo to be coloring, stamped without coloring, printing or laser engraving.

The Accessories of the tie clip
Generally, people would choose to add their OEM logo on our existed tie clip accessories since the mould charge for creating the customized clip part is a kind of expensive. What’s more, we have many existed moulds for selection which could satisfy most of the client directly. But of course, you can choose to produce the logo and the clip part as one in a whole as well if you do want it to be the unique one and consider the mould charge would be all deserved.

Plating Option of the custom design tie pin
As all of our other custom design man’s gifts, the tie pin could be produced in different plating option like gold, silver, copper, antique silver, antique gold, antique copper, antique bronze, satin silver, satin gold, satin nickel, black nickel etc.. But the silver and gold colors are the most popular option for customized tie bars, as this shiny color is easy to create an eye-catching. There is another thing we are proud to share with you is that our factory has own automatic electroplating production line in house and we are prized as the green label enterprise by the local government since we invested millions of dollar on the sewage treatment system and make sure we are an eco-friendly enterprise.

Advantages of Imitation hard enamel tie bar for USA national security agency
1. Material: bronze, high hardness, not distortion
2. The OEM design of the Imitation hard enamel tie bar for USA national security agency is acceptable. As a professional OEM imitation hard enamel tie clip manufacturer, we can make the artwork according to the customers’ requirement for free, then turn the approved designs to the classic high-quality metal tie bar accordingly.
3. With 33 years experience for the OEM tie clip, we could provide the best suggestions for your various OEM tie tin.
4. No limited MOQ. We can produce the military quality money clips according to your required QTY. Just bigger QTY would definitely win better price.
5. Good quality and efficient customer service. Strict quality control system to ensure the quality and well-trained sales Rep. assure good pre-sales service and after-sales service
6. Free sample: free samples can be offered for quality reference

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