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Imitation Hard Enamel Lapel pin

Soft Cloisonné lapel pin has been around for over two decades and is also known as imitation hard enamel lapel pin, Epola badge or Semi-Cloisonné badge. The synthetic pigment gives the gorgeous appearance that similar to Cloisonné hard enamel lapel pins.  It appears that has brought a revolution in the lapel pin history and It has been widely welcomed once its appearance because of its similarity to hard enamel material, lustrous color effect, lower cost, faster delivery time and a wider variety of color choices.

From the appearance, the imitation hard enamel badge has been very close to the hard enamel badge since both of them are using the metal as the base and with the flat color filled with the raised metal border. Without the specific training, it’s hard for you to tell the relative difference between these two.

But the fake is the fake. Here we are glad to share with you the ways to distinguish the hard enamel badge sand imitation hard enamel badges. In the recent metal lapel pin industry, many factories have abandoned the hard enamel lapel pin already but they are not honestly enough to tell the client directly. Just use the imitation hard enamel lapel pin instead. First, it would hurt our loyal client. Second, it would hurt the factory as us, who produce the real hard enamel since the price has a big difference.

A – The raw material of the imitation hard enamel could be copper, bronze, zinc alloy or iron. So if you are doubt about the metal lapel pin you received is the real or imitation hard enamel one, one of the ways is to cut off and see the raw material. If it’s yellow or gray, then it’s not the real hard enamel lapel pin for sure.

B – The color of the imitation hard enamel is the brightest one among all the different color processes. It’s pure, clean and shiny. But the real hard enamel one has a lot of impurities since it’s a kind of mineral powder and was born to be that.

C – Another way to tell the imitation hard enamel lapel pin from the hard enamel one is to piece the color area by some sharp tools as a needle. The imitation hard enamel lapel pin is soft and easy to be penetrated while the hard enamel metal lapel pin is hard and can’t be pierced successfully.

Actually, there are still more ways to clarify the process. If you are interested in, please contact our sales Rep by email directly. Let’s expand the advantages of the imitation hard enamel lapel pins together but still guard the honest market of the hard enamel lapel pins as well.

Specifications of the imitation hard enamel lapel pins
Material: Copper, bronze, iron, zinc alloy
Size: Customized from 5mm~150mm
Color chart: Pantone color chart
MOQ: 100pcs
Plating Option: gold, nickel, silver, copper, antique series, satin series or two-tone version
Package: Plain poly bag, OPP bag, Velvet bag, plastic box, paper box or velvet box, just according to the client’s requirement.

Advantages of our Imitation Hard enamel Lapel pin
1. The OEM design of the metal imitation hard enamel lapel pin is acceptable. As a professional custom imitation Hard enamel Lapel pin manufacturer, we can make the artwork according to the customers’ requirement for free, then turn the approved designs to the classic high-quality Personal imitation hard enamel lapel pin accordingly.
2. With more than 30 years experience for the OEM imitation Hard enamel Lapel pin, we could provide the best suggestions for your various OEM imitation Hard enamel Lapel pin.
3. No limited MOQ. We can produce the imitation Hard enamel Lapel pin according to your required QTY. Just bigger QTY would definitely win better price.
4. Good quality and efficient customer service. Strict quality control system to ensure the quality and well-trained sales Rep. assure good pre-sales service and after-sales service
5. Free sample: free samples of the imitation hard enamel lapel pin can be offered for quality reference

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