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  • The background fabrics of embroidery patches The embroidery badge is one of the main products of Donghong Craft & Art Co.,Ltd. The main background fabrics of the embroidery badges are as follows:The twill fabric. The raw material is 100% pol...
  • The Differences between 2D Badge and 3D Badge Generally, most of the badges would be made of two dimension design, but there are also many customers prefer the 3D design badges. So what are the differences between the 2D Badge and 3D Badge?The di...
  • Notice on Protection of Electroplated Satin Series with Electrophoresis Satin color plating has been porpular in the metal craft and gifts industry because of its higher quality looking comparing to the shiny plating. But its disadvantage is that the satin plated products...
  • Notice of Fidget Spinner exportation from DHL Fidget Spinner has been the hottest items in the past several months. As its widely exporting and fast development, more and more regulations and policies have been issued to complete its market requi...
  • The border of the Embroidery Patch There are various handling methods for the borders of the embroidery patchesMerrow border: this is the most conventional handling method. Usually, the merrow border would be suitable for the patched w...
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DHL surcharge new policy

Donghong Craft & Art Co., Ltd. is one of the top ten clients of HK DHL and all the shipments could be processed rapidly and regularly through the green channels. In order to better service our clients, any updates from DHL, we will immediately notice our customers.
Recently, DHL launched the new surcharge policy on international shipments, please kindly see below information:
The following surcharges are payable on international shipments:


Surcharge (HKD)

Remote Area Delivery

4.20 HKD per kg, min. 210.00 HKD per shipment

Remote Area Pickup

4.20 HKD per kg, min. 210.00 HKD per shipment

Dangerous Goods in Limited Quantities

200.00 HKD

Full Dangerous Goods

850.00 HKD

Dry Ice (UN1845)

100.00 HKD

Lithium Batteries Section II (PI966, PI969)

No charge

Lithium Batteries Section II (PI967, PI970)

No charge

Lithium Batteries Section I, II (PI965)

850.00 HKD

Over Weight Piece

400.00 HKD

Over Sized Piece

400.00 HKD

Non-Stackable Pallet

800.00 HKD

Address Correction

100.00 HKD

Elevated Risk

180.00 HKD

Restricted Destination

270.00 HKD

DHL surcharge new policy